/Lagunitas : MAXIMUS 9% double IPA - Simcoe and Cascade

Dank, hop forward but overall balanced double IPA. Goes down extremely smooth. Frothy yellow-white head about two fingers wide with craters around the center, probably my favorite go-to double. This and Little Sumpin' Sumpin' are my favorite from Lagunitas. I can taste rich floral and malted notes. VERY much a bang-for-your-buck beer with delish taste and a percentage what will absolutely get you dangerously trashed. Proceed with caution...it's too good to put down.

/Proclimation : SHADOW KING 5.8% IPA - Strata, Pacifica & Nelson

Tall-boy four pack and one of the first beers I bought when turning 21. Looks can be deceptive with a very dark neutral can. Showing only greys and blacks. It's body is very bright and hazy and has the smell of cantaloupe and zest. The head is small, Only maybe a half inch tall. Sipping this is quite enjoyable with a very soft mouthfeel, almost like drinking a cloud. Hops are present but apricot and cantaloupe are the most forward tasting notes. Not the best beer but I can definitely buy a single can once in a blue moon.

/Wormtown : BUDDAH'S JUICE 9.6% triple IPA - Sorachi Ace, Bravo, Summit

Tall-boy four pack and MY FAVORITE CURRENT IPA. I haven't poured it in a glass but I can tell you it's perfect the way it is. You shouldn't drink this in a glass like some poseur hippie. This is part of Wormtown's Underground Series! Dedicated to punks and hardcore and any other band flying under the radar in Worcester. Drink it right out of a fridge behind a bar and two-step trying not to spill the prescious balanced flavor of Buddah's Hand citron and grapefruit. This drink is very much hop-forward but is very balanced out with the fruit inside it. It's very smooth to sip and throw at the dude elbowing everyone and not helping anyone up at the Vein.fm show you ended up drunk at. Not much else to say but to try it yourself if you're in the New England area and are able to get ahold of it. Zesty, dry, with a perfect balance.

/Lagunitas : WALDOS' 11.2% triple IPA - Citra and Mosaic

A very intense biting flavor that reminds me of an extremely dank "Road 2 Ruin" (Two Roads) or "Torpedo" (Sierra Nevada). To be quite honest, I'm not seeing the hype surrounding this limited release. I was lucky enough to pick up a 5pk from a bigger liquor store, sadly not a 6. Someone pulled one to try it out, I guess. There's not much of a flavor, aside the descriptors: "dank" and "hop." Which is what this beer is going for. And drinking straight from the bottle was a big regret because the sediment at the bottom filled my mouth when finishing the beer. It wasn't enjoyable, to say the very least. Hop concentrate and weed thickened into a sludge went down my throat, and I sat there in an overwhelming disgust. I usually enjoy Lagunitas brews, but this is overdone. Yes, this is what it's going for, but there's no balance between anything. Just polarity in tasting notes.

/More to Come :

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